Our Story



2001 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo

#408 Nightjacket - known for his beauty and agility passed away in July 2013

J Bar J Was founded in 1969 by Jim and Maggie Zinser.  Located then in Clare, Michigan on 600 acres, one of the soundest breeding programs in rodeo was derived.

The purchase of a renegade mare from a riding stable in Detroit, Michigan for $150.00 became one of the most significant purchases made in the company.  This mare #29, Nightmare, went on to be the foundation mare for this breeding program.  Along with the assistance of Bud Dancy from South Dakota who was raising bucking horses at that time and an outstanding stud, Mr. T, a Tooke bred horse, some of the greatest horses evolved.   The legacy of these horses go on for many years with outstanding bucking horses that have won many awards in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. 

In December of 2008, Sparky and Marlene Dreesen of Circle, Montana, bought J Bar J from Jim and Maggie Zinser.  Sparky and Marlene got started in the rodeo business in the mid 80's when they bought out Harlan Gunville of Eagle Butte, South Dakota.  Prior to that Sparky was a bareback rider in the Badlands Circuit.  They started out producing high school and amateur rodeos which they still do in their spare time. In 2004, they merged with Dr. Bruce Fink and Gold Buckle Rodeo Company.  After the purchase of J Bar J in 2008, they merged their businesses and formed J Bar J, Inc. With the combination of the Gold Buckle stock and that of J Bar J, they are producing top quality rodeos from east to west.